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Micanan Pro-HHD (Copie)



  • 24V class 2 control circuit with 40VA transformer to protect against short circuit
  • Full feature logic board controls
  • On board receiver with antenna
  • Red & Green traffic light control function (optional)
  • Low clearance design for apartment applications (8.5″)
  • Fully assembled operator head, rails and carriage assembly for easy installation
  • Side access hinged cover for easy access to controls
  • External radio control terminal strip
  • Non-resettable cycle counter
  • Low friction powder metal limit cam nuts with fully adjustable rotary type limit switch assembly
  • Three button open-close-stop control station Nema-1
  • Continuous duty industrial instant reverse 3-wire motor with overload protection
  • Motor removable without affecting limit settings
  • 40:1 industrial duty gearbox reduction
  • 3/4″ flanged precision bearings on idler shaft
  • Emergency dual-handle disconnect and reconnect trolley carriage for manual operation
  • #41 roller chain drive on trolley rail assembly
  • Trolley track for doors up to 8
  • Heavy duty C-channel track, UHMW trolley rollers and rubber dampeners for smooth, quiet operation
  • Door speed 7″ per second
  • N-4 Micanan compatible monitored photocells included
  • Baked on dark grey coat finish
  • Shipping weight 250 lbs (includes standard rails for 8
  • Optional 3/4 HP motor and variable frequency drive for high speed and extreme high cycle applications

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